Justice Center Criminal Investigations


Protecting Your Rights in Criminal Investigations and Prosecutions by the Justice Center

If you have been accused of abusing or neglecting a person with special needs, you will find yourself up against a unique opponent: The Justice Center. The Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs is a newly developed New York agency that has been tasked with the investigation and prosecution of parties accused of:

  • Physical abuse, including unnecessary use of restraints
  • Mental and emotional abuse, including verbal abuse
  • Sexual assault, including rape
  • Neglect, including isolation and seclusion

Parties that may be subject to Justice Center Investigations include individuals such as foster parents of children with disabilities, special needs caregivers and health care workers, as well as businesses such as care facilities, mental health facilities, and nursing homes.

Is Your Attorney Prepared to Take on the Justice Center?

Because this agency is so new, few lawyers have experience defending cases there.

However, at Pappalardo & Pappalardo, LLP we have experience in dealing with Justice Center criminal investigations and the strength to stand up to this powerful agency. Our attorneys will protect your rights through all phases of the process, including investigation, administrative proceedings, and criminal charges.

If you are under investigation by the Justice Center, understand that the Justice Center has the power to charge you with criminal offenses and prosecute you. This is different from the standard criminal process. Early intervention on the part of an attorney may allow you to avoid criminal prosecution.

The Justice Center still has substantial power even if the allegations do not rise to the criminal level. You may find that your career is in jeopardy if your career depends on your ability to work with disabled people. Not only does the Justice Center oversee administrative hearings that could lead to loss of your license, it also administers a Staff Exclusion List (SEL), which – if you are placed on it – can permanently bar you from working with special needs individuals.

Free Consultation If You Are Being Investigated or Prosecuted by the Justice Center

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