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John Pappalardo and Angelo MacDonald featured in new true crime novel Wealthy Men Only

Pappalardo & Pappalardo’s managing partner John Pappalardo and experienced trial attorney Angelo MacDonald are featured in Stella Sand’s latest true crime novel Wealthy Men Only: The True Story of a Lonely Millionaire, a Gorgeous Younger Woman, and the Love Triangle that Ended in Murder. In Wealthy Men Only, Stella Sands – author of five other crime books including The Dating Game Killer and Murder at Yale […] read more »


John J. Pappalardo obtains “not guilty” verdict for New Rochelle youth

Pappalardo & Pappalardo achieved success for another criminal defendant on Wednesday, November 7, 2012, in the New Rochelle City Court. John J. Pappalardo, senior and founding partner of the firm, tried the case of People v. John Doe, a youthful offender charged with Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Fourth Degree, Menacing in the Second Degree, and Harassment in the Second Degree. The 17-year-old was […] read more »


John J. Pappalardo and John D. Pappalardo honored as “Men of the Year”

On Friday, September 28, 2012, the Generoso Pope Foundation is sponsoring the Columbus Day Committee of Eastchester & Tuckahoe’s Eighth Annual Scholarship Dinner at The Fountainhead in New Rochelle.  This year, John J. Pappalardo and John D. Pappalardo will be honored as Men of the Year.  We hope that you can join us when they are bestowed this honor. Please follow the hyperlinks to view the invitation […] read more »

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4 Officers Charged After a Brawl in Yonkers

WHITE PLAINS — Four New York City police officers were charged Friday over their roles in a late-night brawl in Yonkers in September in which a man suffered a cracked skull outside a strip of Irish pubs. The charges, all misdemeanors, capped a five-month investigation by three law enforcement agencies into a chaotic series of events involving off-duty and on-duty officers who had converged on McLean […] read more »


Justice Scalia Reminds Prosecutors that the Constitution Isn’t Optional in Melendez-Diaz

The recent United States Supreme Court holding in the case of Melendez-Diaz v. Massachusetts is a huge victory for criminal defense attorneys, and more importantly for the rights of defendants and the sanctity of the Constitution.  The attorneys at the Westchester, New York criminal defense law firm of Pappalardo & Pappalardo have been actively following this case, and are in a position to utilize it for […] read more »


Victims of False Rape Allegations Beginning to Get Justice

Rape is an extremely serious crime.  The psychological effects that it can have on a victim are severe and sometimes lifelong.  Largely because of the severity of this crime, a false rape allegation can have an equally horrific effect upon its victim.  It is not uncommon for victims of false rape allegations to have their reputation damaged irreparably, lose their job or suffer severe marital and […] read more »

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New York State’s Tough New Drunk Driving Laws

On November 18, 2009, Governor Patterson signed into law the Child Passenger Protection Act (Leandra’s Law).  As a result, New York State now has some of the toughest drunk driving laws in the entire country.  While much of the law covers situations where a young child is injured or killed, several provisions of the law provide significant punishment for first time or comparatively minor offenses.  For […] read more »


John D. Pappalardo Quoted by NY Times in High Profile Human Trafficking Case

According to the New York Times there have been less than 18 arrests under New York State’s human trafficking law, which took effect in 2007. Those arrests have resulted in even fewer prosecutions; there are currently less than 5 pending prosecutions across the boroughs of Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx combined. In terms of experience in this emerging area of law, Pappalardo & Pappalardo stands alone. […] read more »

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Man Wrongfully Accused of Threatening to Kill President Obama Vindicated

It is an undeniable fact that 9/11 and the threat of terrorism has changed our country forever. Admirably, the safety of its citizenry has become our government’s top priority. However, this hyper-scrutiny and our knowledge of the consequences of anything less, has an unfortunate side effect: innocent citizens can become victims to the full weight of the power of the state. Take for example, the recent […] read more »


Human Trafficking Prosecutions Come to Westchester County

Recently the crime of human trafficking is one that has received significant coverage from the news media and an accompanying raised level of awareness in local communities. As a result, prosecution for human trafficking crimes has become a high priority for federal, state, and local law enforcement. While this is commendable, this response to public pressure may sometimes result in prosecutors targeting innocent citizens. The criminal […] read more »

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