Early Intervention


It Is Never Too Early To Hire An Attorney

At Pappalardo & Pappalardo, LLP, we encourage you to contact us if law enforcement has reached out to you or if you have reason to believe you are under investigation. Have you heard any of these lines from law enforcement?

  • “We just want to ask you some questions.”
  • “This is just an informal discussion.”
  • “We are not looking at you as a suspect. We just want to talk to you.”

If a detective or a police officer wants to talk to you about a criminal matter, you are very likely a suspect. While law enforcement may seem friendly and may say that this is no big deal, they will ask questions designed for you to implicate yourself. Do not fall into this trap.

The Benefits of Early Intervention

There are many benefits of having our attorneys intervene early in a criminal matter.

  • We will not let law enforcement violate your constitutional rights.
  • We will provide guidance in addressing media attention (if need be).
  • We will explore opportunities to prevent criminal charges from being filed against you. If we are not able to prevent charges from being filed, we may be able to minimize the charges that are filed. We may also be able to keep the matter in the local court, rather than having it escalate to county or supreme court.

If you hire Pappalardo & Pappalardo, LLP at the outset of a criminal investigation, our lawyers will have more time to spend on your case. We have more opportunity to investigate and gather information that may become harder to reach as time passes and memories fade. Even if charges are filed, our early involvement will mean that we will have had that much more time to build a strong case to defend you in negotiation or trial.

Free Consultation If You Are Being Investigated for Any Criminal Matter

White collar crimes, such as embezzlement and fraud, major drug charges and sex offenses are among the many types of cases that are typically preceded by lengthy investigations on the part of law enforcement. When you get our lawyers involved early, we may be able to find more opportunities for a successful outcome, possibly even preventing charges from being filed.

Contact our attorneys as soon as possible if you are being investigated for any criminal matter. From our centrally located offices near the courthouses in Westchester and New York City, we serve clients throughout Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Rockland, or any upstate county and in federal courts.