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Narcotics / Drug Charges


Minor arrest record could hinder future employment

A U.S. Department of Justice report released in June of 2012 showed that students who have criminal records, even for minor criminal charges, face obstacles in obtaining employment, even when they are otherwise qualified for the position to which they are applying. Having a criminal record “will keep many people from obtaining employment, even if they have paid their dues, are qualified for the job and […] read more »


Justice Scalia Reminds Prosecutors that the Constitution Isn’t Optional in Melendez-Diaz

The recent United States Supreme Court holding in the case of Melendez-Diaz v. Massachusetts is a huge victory for criminal defense attorneys, and more importantly for the rights of defendants and the sanctity of the Constitution.  The attorneys at the Westchester, New York criminal defense law firm of Pappalardo & Pappalardo have been actively following this case, and are in a position to utilize it for […] read more »