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Whether it’s a speeding ticket or going through a red light, all of the different Counties and Boroughs in New York City including, New York County (Manhattan), Brooklyn, The Bronx, Staten Island (Richmond County), Queens, Nassau County and Suffolk County have different courts, locations and procedures in terms of how they handle traffic tickets.

The people involved are a Judge, the Police, the defendant and the Traffic Ticket Lawyer. Therefore the only options are to plead guilty or have a trial. There is no substitution for an experienced Speeding Ticket Lawyer who can question the Police Officer about how he gauges the speed when its radar visual or whether or not he docked the defendant (looked up New York speeding ticket points). Assuming there are no witnesses, it is your creditability against the Police Officer. That is why the questioning of the Officer is so important. If you can establish some inconsistencies or defects in the Officer’s testimony, you have a chance to win a Speeding Ticket. Fighting Speeding Tickets is particularly important as the insurance companies raise many people’s rates after a Speeding Ticket conviction. Moreover, the Department of Motor Vehicles penalizes you by assessing points on your Driver’s License. If you accumulate eleven points within an eighteen-month period, your license can be suspended. Any New York Traffic Ticket Lawyer will verify this. The points accumulate based on the day the ticket was given not the date of conviction. A Traffic Lawyer from our office put together a brief list of the New York Traffic Violations point system Convictions of speeding tickets between one to ten miles per hour over the speed limit is three points on a license. Conviction of a speeding ticket between eleven to twenty miles per hour over the speed limit is four points. Conviction of a speeding ticket twenty-one and thirty miles per hour over the speed limit in New York is six points. Conviction of a speeding ticket between thirty-one and forty miles per hour over the speed limit is eight points on your Driver’s License. Conviction of a speeding ticket of forty miles per hour over the speed limit is eleven points on your Driver’s License and your license can be suspended. That is why it is so important to have Speeding Ticket Lawyers familiar with New York Traffic Law and the New York City Traffic Violators Bureau. At Pappalardo & Pappalardo, LLP each Traffic Ticket Lawyer is experienced in handling the various traffic violations in New York State. This protects our clients’ Driver’s Licenses and driving privileges. Further, we also help to restore driving privileges that have been suspended.

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