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Driving While Intoxicated: Increased Media Interest, Increased Penalties

December 21, 2011

This very recent double-fatality DWI Case in Putnam County highlights the horrors of DWI and the importance of retaining a criminal defense attorney with extensive experience and knowledge of New York State DWI Laws.

This unfortunate DWI double-fatality case is yet another example of the potentially devastating effects of Driving While Intoxicated. While most people will never be involved in a situation as serious as Mr. Conses-Garcia, the simple fact is that recent multiple fatality cases such as this have become all too common in the media, and have elevated the horrific potential consequences of DWI in the mind of the public and the priority list of the local District Attorneys. Given this current climate, anyone arrested for DWI, even for comparatively minor cases- involving a low BAC and/or no resulting injuries or property damage- can expect harsh treatment from the District Attorney’s Office.

Therefore, retaining an attorney with expertise in the field of DWI/DWAI is crucial to insure the best possible, and the fairest result in your case. Criminal defense attorneys at Pappalardo & Pappalardo have decades of experience in handling all types of DWI cases, both comparatively minor and high-profile. They have the connections and the knowledge of the system to get you the best result possible, but also the in-court DWI litigation experience required to try your case if and when that becomes necessary. Take a look at the “Results” section of our website to see a few of our more noteworthy victories in the field of DWI/DWAI .