Criminal Defense


A Reputation for Successful Criminal Defense

The collateral damages associated with being convicted of a crime can be life-changing. Securing the right attorney is both essential to your process through the criminal justice system and crucial for obtaining the best disposition possible. Your selection of a firm should be based on its experience, respect, and success.

Why We Are Experienced in Criminal Defense

We defend against all misdemeanor and felony charges in New York state and federal courts. These charges include:

  • DWI and DWAI
  • Petit larceny and grand larceny
  • Drug possession and drug sale
  • Domestic violence
  • Assault and vehicular assault
  • Burglary
  • Weapons possession
  • Robbery
  • Sex crimes, including sex offender registration
  • Homicide
  • White collar crimes, including embezzlement, fraud, Medicaid fraud, and tax evasion
  • Juvenile offenses
  • Traffic violations

As a law firm on the cutting edge of criminal defense, we have already handled Justice Center cases and are fully prepared to defend against charges investigated and prosecuted by this unique New York agency.

Why We Are Respected in Criminal Defense

Pappalardo & Pappalardo, LLP has earned the respect of the courts, district attorneys’ offices, and other criminal justice-related persons and organizations in the community for diligently and professionally working to successfully acquire favorable outcomes on all criminal defense cases we handle. Our firm flourishes through its ability to adapt to all criminal cases by connecting with clients, understanding their situations and providing them with the best defense for their matters.

Why We Are Successful in Criminal Defense

The ultimate success of a case is determined by the attorney’s ability to obtain a plea and sentence that is favorable to the client’s matter. For example, a successful case would be if, after all circumstances have been considered (i.e., criminal history, facts of the case, etc.), an attorney negotiated a disposition that is the minimum sentence possible under the law and incurs minimal penalties. Pappalardo & Pappalardo, LLP is also ready to fight for exoneration for those who have been wrongfully accused.

The combination of both our firm’s experience and gained respect has allowed us to obtain dispositions favorable to our clients in all courts in Westchester County and the New York metro area. We have a long list of success stories.

Contact Us for Immediate Intervention and a Free Consultation

Are you under investigation for a crime? When you get our lawyers involved early, we may be able to find more opportunities for a successful outcome, possibly even preventing charges from being filed. We handle all early stages, including arraignments and bail reduction, and we will pursue your case through negotiation and trial as needed to achieve a positive outcome.

Contact our attorneys if you have been charged with or are being investigated for a crime in New York state court or in federal court. From our centrally located offices near the courthouses in Westchester and New York City, we serve clients throughout Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Rockland, or any upstate county and in federal courts.