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Former NFL Football Player accused of Assault in 2 jurisdictions.
All Charges Dismissed.

Hockey Star Acquitted.
NHL All-Star was charged in 2 Westchester Courts with DWI and related Criminal charges – All Criminal Charges Dismissed.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Legend Charged with Felony Forgery & Drug Related Crimes.
All Charges Dismissed

Heavy weight Champ Charged with Felony Assault with a Shotgun.
All Felony Charges Dismissed

PutnamCounty teen FALSELY accused of forcible Rape.
This young man lived with mom and was a conscientious student. But the two of them were still struggling with the death of their father/husband who had passed just a year earlier. This false allegation and investigation of forcible Rape could not have come at a worse time for this family. Our Attorneys got involved with this tragic case at an early stage and not only convinced the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office that this evil young lady was lying, but worked tirelessly to have her arrested on charges of Offering a False Instrument for Filing and Perjury. Adam levy, a breath of fresh air as newly elected Putnam County District Attorney, required the troubled girl to pay back the family for the money they spent on Attorney’s and Investigator’s fees.

Mahopac Teen wanted for attempted murder – gun/knife fight.
The Putnam County District Attorney’s Office – under the former Administration – refused to consider this young man’s justification plea and he was forced to stand trial and therefore faced 25 years in state prison. The teen had used and imitation starter pistol to scare off 2 grown men following a road rage incident. The 2 men attacked, 1 man held him while the other beat him with the boy’s own gun – causing a gash on his head requiring 14 staples to close. Fearing for his life, the teen pulled out a knife and stabbed 1 man who nearly died. The teen was acquitted of all felonies by a jury of his peers.

Jury tosses 2-page handwritten confession.
Our Attorneys successfully defended a man accused of burglarizing six Westchester homes. Our client had signed a 2-page hand-written confession, but only after enduring hours of questioning and after the police made improper false promises. The jury acquitted in two hours. Read an in-depth false confession case study here. Our Attorneys also defeated a 2-page handwritten confession in another case.

New Rochelle Police try to pin Assault/Reckless Endangerment Charges on Innocent Man.
A well-known New Rochelle man faced trumped up charges of Reckless Endangerment in First Degree, DWI and Assault on Police Officer after a high speed car chase. The Officer testified, among other things, that our client drove through Memorial Circle in New Rochelle in a Ford Expedition travelling at 40 mph. Our Attorneys and an independent investigator, Michael Lyons (Now You See It – Investigations) used areal photographs to establish that the area was actually heavily wooded and therefore this claim was not credible. The Jury saw through the façade and the man was acquitted of all felonies.

Westchester Taxi Driver FALSELY Accused of Molesting Girl in Back of Cab.
A White Plains taxi driver was the victim of false allegations that he raped a New Rochelle woman in a church parking lot – when the woman couldn’t pay her fare. The man was accused of getting into backseat, locking all doors and attacking the woman. The man lost his job and his wife as a result but Our Attorneys argued that the statement didn’t hold water because all the car’s doors couldn’t be locked from the backseat. All charges were dismissed and the man is back on his feet, back to work and remarried.

Local Teens Accused of Robbery despite nothing more than Mere Presence.
A White Plains teen was wrongfully arrested and charged with Robbery on two separate occasions based upon the mere fact that he was present at the scenes. Our Attorneys refused to relent to this unjust prosecution and ultimately after over a year, the boy pled to one count of disorderly conduct and didn’t even pay a fine. He is now a college student.

Top count tossed in East Coast Rolex Ring Indictment.
Our Attorneys successfully defended an individual alleged to have been the ringleader of a group of jewelry thieves that were said to have specialized in hitting high end jewelry stores and Rolex watches. Prosecutors accused the group of hitting jewelry stores up and down the East Coast. The top count in the Indictment was dismissed on Our Attorney’s motion.

High Speed Car Chase.
After Allegedly attacking two men outside a local bar with a 6-inch knife – this man led Police on a car chase at speeds of over 100 mph through 3 jurisdictions – after being cornered by Police vehicles, he rammed his way out using his Lincoln Mark VI to smash cruisers and create a lane of escape. He was eventually apprehended. Our Attorneys were able to negotiate release of the vehicle, a plea to a misdemeanor with local jail time and no restitution.

Bronx man set up by known prostitute.
A known prostitute and admitted liar and thief lied to police when she claimed the defendant was her pimp and that he robbed one of her “johns” at gunpoint in Mamaroneck. Months later – aided by Mamaroneck Police – she drove down to the Bronx to pick him up and brought him to Mamaroneck where he was surrounded by police. She had stashed a gun under his seat and therefore the Defendant faced consecutive time on armed robbery and weapons charges. The Defendant was acquitted of the Robbery and Gun charge after Jury trial.

Teenage Actor Cornered by thugs – Acts in Self-Defense.
College student cornered on MTA. A young Hawaiian actor in the United States to attend a local college was surrounded and threatened with violence by several larger men, one of which put the young man in a choke hold. The Defendant pulled out a knife to defend himself and ward off his attackers. He was then wrongfully charged with Possession of a Weapon and Menacing. All charges dismissed.

Felon wrongfully charged with Possession of an Illegal Weapon.
A young man that police knew was on felony probation was found to be in possession of legal knife. He was inappropriately arrested, jailed and his probation violated. Our Attorneys not only had the improper charges dismissed – but the young man’s Probation was restored and his knife returned to him.

Million Dollar Jewelry Heist.
In spite of the fact that the Defendant’s face was caught on camera and the scene was littered with his blood – Our Attorneys successfully argued that because the DNA evidence (blood droplets) recovered at the scene could have been a mixture (several of the loci in more than one of the DNA profiles revealed alleles similar to the profile of one of the co-defendants) that the Defendant’s blood had been planted by the co-defendant. Hung Jury.

Yonkers Man Arrested with over Six (6) Ozs of Cocaine – Possession in the First Degree.
This Cablevision employee was caught red handed and instantly confessed to possessing the aforementioned the drugs. Our Attorneys negotiated a plea to time served.

Girl Lies about Threesome, Cries Rape.
A New York City working man and his fiancé were accompanied home by a third female – this dream turned into a nightmare when young woman later accused the client of forcible rape. Our Attorneys’ working knowledge of forensic DNA testing and procedures allowed the victim of this spurious allegation to maintain his innocence and preserve his integrity and reputation. All charges dismissed.

Controlled Delivery of 35 Pounds of Marijuana – Possession in the First Degree.
A nanny was arrested for accepting a delivery from Police (posing as Airborne Express deliverymen) of 35 pounds of weed. The Police improperly entered the house in violation of the woman’s right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures under the New York and United States Constitutions. Our Attorneys were on the verge of suppressing the drugs before the client decided to plead to a misdemeanor.

Busted in Internet Sex Sting.
In three recent matters, Our Attorneys were able to negotiate a “B” misdemeanor dipositions with no jail, no counseling and no probation for clients accused in internet sting operations of arranging and showing up to meet a person believed to be an underage boy or girl for the purpose of having sex with him/her. This type of internet stings have gained widespread notoriety recently due to a series of specials that have appeared on NBC-TV’s Dateline “To Catch A predator”series. The misdemeanor conviction means that the clients did not have to register as a sex offender under New York’s onerous Sex Offender Registration Act.

Club Promoter walks away from Ketamine Sale.
A well-known NYC Club Promoter was targeted by an undercover sting operation at Pasha and arrested for allegedly selling Ketamine to an undercover Police Officer. Our Attorneys rightfully and successfully employed the extremely obscure agency defense (meaning the defendant wasn’t actually selling the substance for profit but was merely acting as an agent for a Buyer) and the client pled guilty to Facilitation with no jail and no probation. He is back on top of the club scene and you have probably booked a table through him recently at one of his many popular hot spots.

Our Attorneys have negotiated favorable dispositions for many individuals charged with Identity Theft and related crimes, including but not limited to:

  • Man charged with Possession of Forged Licenses – plea to Disorderly Conduct.
  • Brooklyn woman charged with Grand Larceny, Possession of Stolen Property, and Forgery – in 2 separate incidents. No jail time.

*In order to protect the identity and privacy of our clients, Pappalardo & Pappalardo will not post names/articles or links associated herein.

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