Human Trafficking Prosecutions Come to Westchester County

December 21, 2011

Recently the crime of human trafficking is one that has received significant coverage from the news media and an accompanying raised level of awareness in local communities. As a result, prosecution for human trafficking crimes has become a high priority for federal, state, and local law enforcement. While this is commendable, this response to public pressure may sometimes result in prosecutors targeting innocent citizens.

The criminal defense attorneys at the Westchester, New York law firm of Pappalardo & Pappalardo pride themselves on their extensive experience in human trafficking law, and their continuing effort to stay abreast of any and all recent developments in this area of law and its enforcement. On November 12, 2009, Pappalardo & Pappalardo partners John D. Pappalardo and Richard Portale attended a seminar hosted by the Pound Ridge Police Department and the Junior League of Northern Westchester entitled Human Trafficking and Slavery: Tools for an Effective Response. At this seminar they met with law enforcement and experts in the field of human trafficking, insuring their continued expertise in the field.

Such expertise is critical; as human trafficking’s prominent presence in the media guarantees continued vigorous prosecution- sometimes of innocent people. In fact, at this moment, Pappalardo & Pappalardo is representing a Westchester man in one of the most high profile human trafficking cases in all of New York State, and the first of its kind in Westchester County. The attorneys at Pappalardo & Pappalardo will continue to stay on the cutting edge of human trafficking law to make certain that both our current and future clients do not fall victim to abusive prosecutors reacting to public pressure, even if it is well intentioned.